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"The Voyage of the Hector", Ensemble Weekend with John Somerville

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Voyage of the Hector - more information!

To help you decide if you'd like to attend the workshop, please read a little more about it below.

  • The Voyage of the Hector

    As well as having a fantastic opportunity to come and make music, it is also a chance to learn about the history and context of the Voyage and learn about the people that were on the ship. In 1773, 207 people, most of whom had been forced out of their homes as victims of the notorious Highland Clearances, boarded the ship Hector at Ullapool, destined for Pictou in Nova Scotia. Only 189 of them arrived, after a journey which lasted several weeks more than planned and was full of great suffering and drama, but also hope and strength of spirit. In 2014, Fèis Rois and Creative Scotland commissioned John Somerville to compose a suite of music inspired by this journey. The suite has been performed at Celtic Connections, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Celtic Colours in Canada, and the National Celtic Festival in Australia.

  • What will be happening and how do I know if it is suitable for me?

    During the weekend, based at King's Pavilion at the University of Aberdeen, AB24 3FX, you will have the exciting opportunity to play under the direction of the incredibly talented John Somerville himself. The workshops will run from 9:30am - 4pm on the 19th and 10am - 5pm on the 20th which includes a sharing concert where it is hoped movements from the piece can be showcased. There will be music for all traditional instruments, and for musicians at an upper intermediate and advanced level. Sight reading ability desirable. You can purchase the tunebook and CD in advance at

  • More questions?

    If you have any further questions, please email or John himself at


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  • What is the Autumn Term common music for?

    It is for everyone to have a go at in their own time then come together at the end of term concert and all have a go at it together!

Tae the Beggin

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