SC&T Winter Term 2022

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Night Classes


  • How do I sign up to the SC&T Online Classes?

    1. Sign up for your class (there are 16 to choose from!). If you've not used Thinkific before, you'll be asked to create a new account - keep those login details somewhere safe. 2. Start your course to complete Registration & Download the Information Document containing the Term dates and Zoom details - Keep this somewhere safe too! 3. Get EXCITED for the term to start in September!

  • Why does my course have 13 lessons?

    There are currently 3 Welcome and Registration lessons to complete before the 17th January. And 10 lessons for each week of term. More will be added as the term goes on by your tutor.

  • How much does the SC&T Classes Cost?

    The SC&T Weekly classes cost £10 per class. This can be paid in one lump sum (£100) or in 3 monthly instalments (£33.33). If you are unable to pay this but would love to be involved, please get in touch at We also offer a student discount

  • Where can I find the Zoom Details?

    Find and start your instrument course. You'll be asked to complete a few registration questions. Once Completed, you'll be taken to a lesson called Zoom Details & Information document, you'll see a downloadable PDF document with everything you need for the classes. If you've already completed registration and are looking for the info document, log into your Thinkific account using the sign in button at the top right hand corner. Resume your instrument choice course and find the lesson called Zoom Details & Information document - you'll be able to download the document again.

  • I've already taken part in a SC&T class, can I take part again?

    Yes! Our tutors are ready with new material to teach you this term, so everyone is welcome, whether you're just joining us or returning for another term.

  • I have another question

    Email us at or send a message to our facebook page - @ScottishCultureandTraditions-SC&T